• Specialized to the extreme

    Specialized to the extreme|Exterior

    The challenges of the future occupy us today. Body shell, seals, doors and hatches show ever more finesse and now represent highly complex and integrated systems. Some electrically driven and integrated, they require precise concept design and all the latest instruments.
    Body shop and vehicle components contribute significantly to the overall success of an automobile. B&W is aware of the needs of today’s as well as future generations of vehicles with regard to weight reduction, safety, functionality, aesthetics and cost optimization. Since we are specialized in vehicle exterior, we’re able to manage all of these most diverse tasks with the highest professional standard. From the development of simple modules to the construction of sophisticated systems, we cover everything. Both in small series as well as in large-scale production, we have the know-how and capability to realize structural components and material-oriented exterior components at any given time.

    Seeing as our innovation team has no limits, new projects come about with which we will once again be expanding our range of services in the range of exteriors.

    Surfaces with tailored material formulations

    Taking vehicle design and model design into account, B&W tailor-makes the most fitting material formulations. Steel, aluminum, magnesium, fiber-reinforced plastics and composite materials are used in accordance with the requirements of rigidity and crashworthiness. The extensive know-how of our staff guarantees our customers a high standard of quality in all areas - from surface preparation to gray area exterior Class A surfacing.


    Whether spoilers, bumpers, mud shields, water box covers or modules to fill the fuel tanks, our development work finds application in the component palette for large series up to luxury cars. Here we design and implement according to the latest methods and techniques.

    Our specialists will ensure the functionality of individual components, from design support through the complete engineering process and into mass production. We can fulfill all requirements in all highly specialized areas of exterior - in close coordination with the car manufacturers.

    Doors and hatches

    The common denominator: from design support throughout the entire engineering to mass production, our specialists secure the functionality of the individual components as well as the perfection of the whole system. Moreover, it makes no difference to our business approach whether frameless doors or front and rear hatches are brought into production. Beyond development, we even provide the SET speaker to coordinate operations with the OEM.


    The demands of modern sealing systems become ever higher through the use of various door systems. In the past, the sealing on doors with complete frames was relatively simple work, however the often frameless doors of today need elaborate moldings. On the one hand, a high quality appearance is required for these systems; on the other hand, you certainly have to fulfill the function of dust and water sealing for various door systems.

    B&W Vehicle Development develops sealing systems for doors and hatches based on benchmark studies on concept design through to the production line. To be able to ensure the function at an early stage, simulations to determine the sealing function and also pressure forces are performed with the support of a partner company.

  • A career
    with B&W

    A career|with B&W

    With more than 280 employees at our plants in Wolfsburg, Oebisfelde and Shanghai, we are an innovative and reliable partner in vehicle development. We provide professional engineering services in the fields of interior, exterior, surfacing, model making, testing, electrical, IT and administration.