• Sought-after
    “Know How” Worldwide

    Sought-after|“Know How” Worldwide

    Our Locations

    Working closely with the customer is part of the corporate strategy of B&W Vehicle Development. This means presence over a large scope in addition to tailor-made solutions. Should a project require it, we are active worldwide.
    Based on our four locations in Germany as well as our site in Shanghai, we are able to meet the demands of global market requirements. Flexible staff and sophisticated logistics ensure that our customers will receive comprehensive support around the world - at any and all desired locations.

    B&W Fahrzeugentwicklung GmbH
    Brandgehaege 23
    D-38444 Wolfsburg      
    Phone: +49 5308 5223-0  
    Fax: +49 5308 5223-999

    B&W Fahrzeugentwicklung GmbH
    Alemannenstr. 19-23

    D-71296 Heimsheim

    Phone: +49  7033 70892-0
    Fax: +49 5308 50223-999

    Presence in the
    Booming Far East

    Presence in the|Booming Far East

    The emerging industrial city of Shanghai, with its nearly 25 million inhabitants, is well on its way to becoming one of the most important financial centers in the world. Conveniently located on the harbor, with a highly motivated workforce and a well-funded environment, it offers optimal prospects for the car industry. Major car manufacturers have long recognized this. From modern production and development centers, they serve the booming car markets of the region.
    Since October 2009, B&W Vehicle Development has its own Center of Excellence in Shanghai. In close alliance with local customers, our team manages to integrate their expertise in numerous automotive products made in Shanghai with the best options for the future.

    B&W Automotive Engineering (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.  
    988 Hejing Road, Anting Town  
    Jiading District  201805 Shanghai, China  
    Phone: +86 (21) 5956 8633 
    Fax: + 86 (21) 5956 0024  

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    B&W Automotive Engineering México S. de R.L. de C.V.  
    Boulevard Hermanos Serdán No. 786, 3er Piso  
    Colonia San Rafael, Puebla, Pue.  C.P. 72020 México  
    Phone: +52 (1) 222 813 27 09 


    At Home in the World of Automobiles
    – located in your vicinity

    At Home in the World of Automobiles| – located in your vicinity

    Through the integration of competent and skilled partners, we’re investing in the future.

    EDL Rethschulte Ldt. is part of B&W since September 2015. Due to their close cooperation with scientific facilities, EDL Rethschulte Ldt. is a guarantor for conceiving and developing innovative lighting systems. The latest findings regarding micro-optics, as well as those for LED- and OLED technologies, serve as a basis for their work. Our experts can be found in Osnabrück, Munich and Jena.

    EDL-Rethschulte GmbH - B&W Group
    Albert-Einstein-Straße 1
    D-49076 Osnabrück

    Phone: +49 541 6853155 0
    Fax: +49 541 6853155 99

    EDL-Rethschulte GmbH - B&W Group
    Wilhelmine-Reichard-Straße 26
    D-80935 München

    Phone: +49 89 3502 9847
    Fax: +49 89 5500 6486

    EDL-Rethschulte GmbH - B&W Group
    Heinrich-Heine-Straße 1
    07749 Jena

    Phone: +49 3641 47940 38
    Fax: +49 3641 47940 43

  • A career
    with B&W

    A career|with B&W

    With more than 280 employees at our plants in Wolfsburg, Oebisfelde and Shanghai, we are an innovative and reliable partner in vehicle development. We provide professional engineering services in the fields of interior, exterior, surfacing, model making, testing, electrical, IT and administration.